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Published: 18th January 2009
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With the popularity of the hit movie The Secret, I wanted to touch on what I feel is the real secret. While I really like the movie, I feel this article will explain why many people aren't getting the results they desire so much...or getting results in some areas and not others.

The main premise of The Secret is the Law of Attraction which basically says that you attract whatever you hold in mind and in order to attract more of what you want, you need to hold more of that in mind.

For example, if you are always focusing on your money problems or if you dread opening your mailbox because there is going to be a stack of bill, you are holding that in mind and creating more of the same. This is right on point. So in order to correct that, the advice is to basically control your conscious thoughts and control them so that they are focusing on what you want in life. Sounds good so far.

Here is the problem: Your conscious mind represents on 2-3% of your total thoughts at any given moment. The other 97-98% of your thoughts are occurring below your awareness in your subconscious mind. So this is where many people are struggling with the Law Of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction is definitely accurate...but it applies to the other 98% of your thoughts below your awareness.

So if you have thoughts below your awareness that are in conflict with what you want in life, no amount of visualizing or daily affirmations will work. As long as your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in conflict, the thoughts in your subconscious mind will always prevail.

If there is no conflict, then applying The Secret will work very well. I felt they explained the Law Of Attraction fairly well but only for our conscious minds. If you have ever seen a picture of an iceberg under water with the tip exposed, that is a great metaphor of what is really going on.

So the real secret, then, is to release all of the subconscious garbage that gets in the way of what you want and what you want to be in life. There are several different modalities that can assist you in doing this and I highly recommend learning one that you can learn to do on your own without depending on someone else

So how does this work in the real world? Lets say that you are trying to increase your wealth. A noble endeavor for sure. Lets say at 5 yrs old, you were told money is bad and that you heard your parents or guardians say some not very nice things about that wealthy family down the street. Well, that becomes a subconscious belief and will color your relationship with money going forward and will place a very real ceiling on how much money you make.

In this situation, any time you start to make more money that your subconscious mind believes is right for you, you will end up sabotaging yourself. Sound familiar? It used to drive me nuts!

Fortunately, with several of the solutions out there, you don't have to remember back to when you were 5 yrs old and what your parents said to you or anything like that. You simply just have to know there is a problem.

So the real secret is letting go of the garbage in your subconscious mind. When you do, you will often find that rather than having to constantly focus on what you want in life, you will find that by releasing all of this negative energy, you will be naturally drawing the things you want into life much more will be in flow and that is a very cool place to be.
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